7 factors That impacts Skin the most – Number 7 Shocked Us!

One fine morning you wake up and stare at the mirror, what do you see? someone brushing their teeth, right? but take a closer look at the person in the mirror, is that the real you? That sagging skin at this age, where did the firmness go? and when did you start getting those lines? For sure all of us age in time, but freckles and dark spots or age spots too, and that droopy skin so soon- it is time to know what impacts skin to make it look like this.
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What impacts Skin
Source: allfemalestyle.com1. Are You caring for Your Skin Enough?
Poor skincare or the lack of pampering to your skin is what impacts skin the most. sometimes over-indulgence in skin care or using the wrong skincare products too can do more damage than good. You must always use skincare products that are meant to be used for your skin type only. never substitute products in the name of money or status quo whilst using brands, or else the results won’t be pretty and you’d be left spending more on costly parlor treatments.
Source: indiatimes.in2. hygiene Issues
How typically do you wash your face, with water and a reputed pH balanced facewash? While most of us claim to do so everyday at least once, chances are there are some that don’t even do the needful. Remember, what impacts skin is not caring for it with a good wash are the sediments and remnants of the day. These culprits clog the pores and build up over time, leading to issues such as acne and pimples, or uncomfortable eruptions all over.
Source: strategymagazine.com3. sun Damage
In a bid to reach where we need to be soon, we tend to forget wearing enough moisturizer. Not just any moisturizer, but SPF 45 is a must for the Indian climes which helps form a protective layer on the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is wise to apply generously a dollop of sunscreen or sun block on the skin, forty five minutes before leaving the house. This helps the skin soak in the goodness, whilst the rest can be wiped off easily with cotton so that your skin doesn’t look patchy or too white.

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Source: calgaryherald.com4. environment Can Play Havoc
Are you in a job that makes you roam around too much? Are you working in hazardous conditions that subjects the skin to too much of the negative elements around? We cannot stop you from your selected profession; however, it is important to know what impacts skin health. Climatic conditions, pollution, grime, sweat etc can play havoc on the skin, if left untouched for a Camiseta Sporting CP very long time. This is why it is wise to carry sunscreen with SPF 45 when outdoors and a face wash to clean the skin with.

Source: theguardian.com5. stress kills The Skin
Yes, it is a fact that stress can be one of the ‘what impacts skin health’ culprits. When the body has too much to bear, it releases negative chemicals and impacts the overall skin texture too. The impacts are seen mostly Camiseta Aston Villa FC around the mouth and the eyes; stress lines, wrinkles etc.
Source: gonou.net[sc:mediad]

6. Hormonal Imbalance
We would ask you to check with your doctor to see if your hormones are in place or not, since imbalanced hormones can play havoc Camiseta Schalke 04 with the skin too. Teens face this the most and so do pregnant women, where sebaceous glands for teens and pregnancy hormones for expecting women can play havoc on the skin’s routine.
Source: flickr.com7. Are You Drinking enough Water?
It is a must to get all the toxins flushed out of the body, and soon. This is why we say drinking enough water not only keeps the body hydrated, but also helps in getting rid of waste. There would be no more toxicities building up in the skin.

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