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I assumption the closest thing I have to a household heirloom  is a gorgeous, ruby red punch bowl that  I utilize now as a fruit bowl.  I value the gem-like qualities of the bowl the exact same method I would if it were a genuine ruby, say, in a super-sized cocktail ring that was left to me.

Glow of genuine ruby stones may have nothing on my bowl. picture by Vivian Lingard

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The punch bowl was part of a set, however the only pieces left include three small, round  plates. even a cracker looks elegant against this rich red background. These plates are most likely the reason I love glass dinnerware, whether it is crystal clear or  in deep gemstone  colors. however I knew there wasn’t much of a possibility of quickly discovering a modern, glass dinnerware set in deep colors.

Gleaming sphere of Cobalt

So envision my excitement  when I walked into a Walmart store as well as  saw a jewel-of-a bowl in shiny cobalt blue. The bowls, which can be utilized for cereal or soup, are made by Anchor Hocking. I picked up four to buy, however I didn’t stop there. On Anchorhocking’s website, there was an entire 18-piece  dinnerware set selling at a huge discount.  I  ordered it. Walmart likewise has sets online.

An 18-piece existence cobalt blue dinnerware set sells for $29.99, reduced from $78, at‎

The excellent thing about glass dinnerware is it’s extremely cheap.  The ones we’ve seen in 18-, 20,- or 24-pieces are all under  $60. For that low price, you can set a beautifully inviting table. as well as since the glass dishes are muted–even the cobalt blue set is unassuming–they won’t clash with any type of dinnerware you may add from a non-glass set.

Glass Dinnerware on a Budget

Another  blue dinnerware set in Anchor Hocking’s collections is  the 24-piece Rio Coastal Blue, selling on its site for $49, reduced from $158.

Squaring It Off

The glass dinnerware collections seem to all have space for the square-shape, which adds an artsy look to the dinner table. Libby, likewise a big American glassmaker, has a clear, square set that looks like a flat sculpture.

Square simplicity is the best method to explain these pieces that are part of a Libbey 12-piece dinnerware set, sold by Target for $29.99.

Here’s an idea: If you take pieces from the cobalt blue set, add clear glass pieces (they would be a great stand-in for white) as well as mix them with any type of non-glass red dinnerware, the presentation would work for celebrating the summertime holidays.

What ideas do you have for using glass dinnerware sets?

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