Let’s Peek Out of Dolce Gabbana’s Hijab and Abaya Collection!

Let’s Peek Out of Dolce Gabbana’s Hijab and Abaya Collection! – world fashion industry began to look promising Muslim fashion market. Earlier, the Camiseta Leicester City Japanese fashion label, Uniqlo, launched a collection of Islamic dress. The move was followed by the Swedish label, H & M, which features model veiled woman.

Let’s Peek Out of Dolce Gabbana’s Hijab and Abaya Collection!

Now, precisely at the beginning of 2016, the Italian fashion house, Dolce & Gabanna (D & G), for the first time launched a collection of Islamic dress.


Muslim fashion theme typical of upmarket ladies chosen by D & G for the first collection. Abaya with monochrome colors, a variety of stunning motifs, as well as lace accents, making the appearance of Muslim fashion looks elegant and expensive.


Based on the observation of the photos displayed D & G, it is clear that the Muslim fashion collection of D & G is fully follow the rules of fashion an optimal Muslim.

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The whole collection design style emphasizes a loose, do not show the silhouette of the body, a veil that covers the chest, and long reach ankles. D & G parties to date has not announced an official price of their latest collection of Muslim clothing. The presence of Muslim fashion from top fashion houses this is good news for the Muslim women, especially Camiseta UNAM Pumas in Europe.


Because the Muslim women in Europe tend to have trouble finding a stunning dress and trendy, but still apply the rules of dress according to the teachings of Islam.


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