Win the Tshirt fight – 10% off for Tshirt factory fans!

There is a quite new site coordinated by Joe who brings us rather the fascinating competition. If you like a difficulty in getting your t-shirts, Tshirt fight will be a fun location for you to motivate the very best style to be printed the most.
Each week two new styles are thrown in the sound as well as the one that offers the most goes additionally for one more week, while the losing one is never to be seen again! This is solely based on selling numbers as well as not on votes so the very best style will only prevail if it gets sold, so get to buying. The funner part is that you can likewise be the one cashing in the money by submitting tee shirts graphics  – if it is selected for the “fight” as well as gets offered independent designers will get $1 for each sale, a tee shirts with the style as well as get to keep the ideal to the respective artwork.
So, it is no only entertaining however likewise an chance for independent designers to show some muscle mass as well as put their work out there. The styles are quite strong so competition might be truly tight! The site is extremely informative as well as he likewise puts up a detailed bio of the designers. fantastic job, Joe!
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Here are the present contenders:
LokiDay of the dead girlDo you believe you can do better? submit your tee shirts design and be one of the winning independent designers.

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