Stripes and Pockets forever

frequent link-sender to the blog Robin is making a little room in her closet by listing some dresses on eBay, including this wonderful 1940s stripey dress. Robin thinks it may have been a candy-striper’s uniform … but it could certainly have a new life at work or play, no sponge baths required. think of it with little navy wedge shoes … It’s B36/W26.5.

I love these 1940s striped outfits — they’re so precise! and that center-front zipper is just perfect. This is a no-nonsense, get-it-done dress, but it can still have fun.

I think Robin has the right idea, too. If you’re not wearing something, you should set it loose into the world to be free and be loved by someone who will wear it. (Which reminds me, I should really do a purge of my own over the next month or so. especially of shoes!)

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