Artist of the week – Chris Sandlin animation styles !

Today’s illustrator – Chris Sandlin – was increased in Atlanta, Georgia although born in Seoul, Korea. He examined graphic style as well as is immensely passionate about drawing as well as illustrating. He does freelance work as well as has his own collection of artwork as well as apparel. He states about the store to have been a requirement of his to reveal his talents without any type of limitations. Artist of the week – Chris Sandlin animation styles !
SockMonkee Collection features typography, characters as well as Threadless-type of styles that are extremely prominent all over you go. He does that play on words as well as picture association extremely well, rendering extremely wearable tee shirts styles at a sensible price.
He’s had work done for clients like Bloomberg Businessweek and Photogram, as well as numerous others that are worth your while since they are clean, funny as well as witty, with a constant cartoonish playfulness. You can go have a look at his personal works as well.
Artist of the week – Chris Sandlin animation styles !
Chris Sandlin animation designs


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