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So I skated at the reopened Roxy again last night (how I love it when the bass feels just short of therapeutic sports massage) and wore my camouflage circle skirt (I was in a couple airports, too, yesterday, making the camo skirt doubly necessary). and then I was thinking, well, if ONE camo skirt is good, two would be better. (This is a problem I often have with clothing, which discusses why my closet is frankly overstuffed.) because lately I’ve been really fascinated by digital camo (must be that BSG influence again), and because in my inbox this morning there was a 20% discount coupon for fashion fabrics Club (enter “20% off” in the comments) it seemed that the stars were aligned for me to purchase much more fabric. (As if they are ever NOT aligned so as to allow for the purchase of much more fabric.)

Anyway, last night was a red-letter night at the Roxy for me, as I managed to skate backwards! Although, it’s not really the going backwards that is the problem: it’s the change in state from forwards to backwards. once I reach that locomotion equilibrium, I’m fine, copacetic even, but the change-in-state moment can be, well, problematic. but there were no floor-contact events (for which I am thankful, as the bruises from the last time have *just* healed).

But as I was circling the floor, girding myself to make that mohawk turn, I was thinking of that hoary truism: change makes folks nervous. and the lower the stakes, somehow, the much more nerve-wracking it can be. The chances of me seriously injuring myself physically were low (although the blow to my ego could have been considerable), but it still took me three circuits to commit to that first turn.

So what does this have to finish with dresses, you ask? I think that a lot of folks are scared of that first day of wearing something different. You know, they imagine the pointing crowds in the street, the laughter of small children, the “friendly” call from human resources … when the worst part is just making the decision to do it. When you put on that bright print dress I guarantee you will be amazed by the reaction you get … in a good way. and not just from others … from yourself. When I made that turn I felt like I’d won a prize. The kind of prize they give in Sweden, with a big fancy pendant. Doing something you’re frightened of (okay, doing something fairly sensible that you’re frightened of) is a soul-enlarging activity.

What can you do today that you’ve been scared of doing? just give it a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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