Lois Lane’s wardrobe

You have at least a couple days left to bid on this — plenty of time to make yourself into the kind of hard-nosed girl reporter (with a secret soft spot for the son of Krypton) who would wear this asymmetrical dress. think about how terrific it will look as you dangle from the scaffolding of the newest skyscraper in Metropolis, your screams bringing (yet again) the man of Steel …

BTW, Lois is the one on the right, in the gray. The woman on the left (in the print, doing the parade wave) is the partner of Mayor Berkowitz of Metropolis, before the tragedy. (And yes, I had to Google that, so sue me if I have the wrong era of Superman.)

The auction also includes one of those day dresses/shortalls from the 1930s that requires you be the same height and diameter as your average telephone pole. I swear, I tried to make one of those one time — it had rickrack, I was weak — and I couldn’t even get my head through the neck opening. In fact, it is still hanging downstairs, mocking me. It’s so cute! I made it in mattress ticking! I keep meaning to DO something with it, but I can’t wear it (I get less and less telephonic every year) and who wants a half-finished dress?

Anyway. I digress (like that’s something new). Lois. Dress. Superman. Although, contrarian that I am, I kinda prefer Clark Kent. He can hold a conversation, and isn’t always flying off somewhere to divert the flow of lava from a volcano or talk Bizarro down. (Although, come to think of it, he also has an bothersome tendency to disappear, as well. Hey, wait a minute …) Superheroes in general make bad boyfriends — the Flash? Canonically a bad boyfriend. Aquaman? Well, he’s married, so I guess at one point he was a semi-decent boyfriend, but then again he’s royalty, so perhaps it was arranged? Bats? Ha. two words: “young ward.” and I’m not even going to mention Booster Gold … wait, that was a digression too, wasn’t it? Dammit.

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