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There’s just something about the sailor collar that calls to me. I have gotten probably a dozen sailor-collar patterns, everything from full-skirted stuff like this to drop-waist 1960s scooter dresses to barely-justifiable 1980s padded-shoulder tops. I’ve gotten sweaters with sailor collars, t-shirts with sailor collars, and in college, actual Navy surplus middy blouses in both heavy wool and that indestructible white polyester (with the insignia very carefully removed, of course).

When I make this one I’m not going to do those silly puffy belled sleeves; I’ll make great above-the-biceps short sleeves instead. and I’m really tempted to do black with white middy braid, instead of white and red or blue and white. and I probably won’t wear a matching tam and gloves … but I’d be tempted.

Do you notice how the one view without a sailor collar is illustrated by a woman with a wistful expression? That’s how I’d feel, too, if everyone but me had a sailor collar!

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