Mutton, Lamb, etc.

Here’s the (slightly) age-inappropriate dress I wore last week Friday for my 40th birthday:


It’s vogue 8728 again, obvs. I have one more cut out (bright green, alphabet print!) and am planning at least one more, in a black laser-cut geometric eyelet. I also have three other pieces of dotted swiss (one blue floral pattern, one pale pink, and one black) that might turn into this dress. (This pattern really makes up well in dotted swiss; it allows for very soft gathers.)

Here’s the bodice: 

Possibly hot.jpgnk dotted swiss in this particular pattern is not appropriate for someone of my advanced years, but, really, I’d like to encourage us all to ignore that mental noise. This dress made me happy the whole day (lots of nice birthday wishes, cake, and some lovely phone calls from friends helped too)!

I forgot to get someone to take a picture of me in it — I’ll try to wear it again soon (or the liberty one) and see if I can’t get one of my co-workers to point a cell phone at me. 

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