Dresses on the wire

The AP Wire, that is. There was an post on exactly how “the cocktail gown is back!” that ran last week. I’m linking to the version from the Winston-Salem Journal as a shout-out to my hometown …

Some highlights:

“We’re seeing a fitted bodice, fuller skirt – frequently knee-length to midcalf – with a raised or natural waist, a very defined waist.”

Hear, hear!

But with all the choices available, Andrews suggests trying something other than the round-neck, sleeveless black sheath that’s ended up being the basic “little black dress.”

Yes, please!

But, in The-Lagerfeld-He-Must-Be-Stopped Dept.

His fall-holiday Lagerfeld Gallery collection features … a brown sleeveless gown with a pleated hemline, beaded waistband as well as white high-neck collar.

I believe this is the gown in black:

Look exactly how cunningly the armscye is cut into a point, making it impossible to wear an regular brassiere under the dress! look exactly how high the collar is, so that it will make a red mark on the underside of the chin, as well as produce a double chin where none exists! look exactly how the pleats are placed to highlight the widest part of the thigh! The Lagerfeld! He need to BE STOPPED.

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