Hard Times clothing – mythology, wildlife and tattoos

hard Times clothing limited is an English clothing company from Hertfordshire, recognized in 2011. It has collaborated with some of the many talented of artists to build an astoundingly diverse clothing company. Don’t be fooled however, this company has had its fair share of ‘hard times’, but all were conquer and resolved through hard work and dedication; overall making the company even bigger and better then ever before!
Director and CEO Matthew Crooks says: “During 2013 my company experienced a enormous success. We attended some of the largest UK festivals, we met some really remarkable people, we sold thousands of wardrobe to thousands of people all over the world and discovered turly talented individuals. We also faces our toughest challenge yet as in December 2013 we got hacked. This took me to a dark place, however with the love and support it has pushed me to making this company even bigger and better.”
The company militates for people to break totally free of their restraints and soar, just like they did, suprassing “hard times”.
Influences come from mythology, wildlife and tattoo designs not to mention the focus on better quality garments, customized accounts, for the supreme customer experience.
This is a clothing company continuously oriented towards new horizons and searching for the next mold to break totally free from.


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