Avoid Dye Migration in Sublimated Clothes

Sublimated polyester sports jackets and also performance apparel are all over. From the soccer area to the supermarket these garments are prominent. As heat printing designers we know these sublimated garments and also devices can provide some difficulties. Polyester dye migration as well as burn marks aren’t unusual when collaborating with these textiles.

Read more regarding color movement in the Dye Movement Manual.

However equally as the innovation behind these fabrics is continuously altering– enhancing modern technology remains to progress as well as transform. CAD-COLOR ® Super-TEK ® Sublistop ™ warm transfer plastic is one of those advances designed to deal with efficiency wear, sublimated, or polyester dye-saturated clothing as well as accessories while inhibiting color movement.

Want much more details on decorating efficiency use? Download the totally free Performance Wear Manual.

Sublistop ™ is an advanced item designed for these garments so you can offer full shade design that’s light, with good stretch and also rebound on a range of materials. With our exclusive ONYX STiX2 ™ Adhesive– this warmth transfer vinyl sticks to almost anything as well as an innovative charcoal-based lining helps to prevent color migration while keeping lightweight and a soft hand.

The styles you produce with your print/cut maker will keep their initial shade with no bleed-through from the substrate.

Remember moisture-wicking, stretchable garments are desirable on the sports field and also in day-to-day life. Today you’re just a most likely to see these materials in your business’s conference room as you are at the health club. From technological polo shirts to soft-shell coats, employers are increasingly furnishing their employees in garments that keep them cool, completely dry, and also comfy.

Whether your clients are performing on the field or in the workplace, Super-TEK ® Sublistop ™ printable warmth transfer vinyl is necessary so you can enhance whatever comes your means with self-confidence.

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