Mint Chip as well as rage administration

Shopaholics Anonymous: listen UP.


A few weeks ago, the team at reached out to do a featured interview of me on their website.  


This made me very, extremely angry.


Not the interview.  That was rather fun.


But aside from that, their web site elicited wild, audible outbursts of anger.  


In situation you’re in the dark like I was, is a web site that supplies tons of extraordinary tools for saving severe do-re-mi buying online.  They supply voucher codes, money back rebates, as well as tons of money-saving information with their partnerships with generally everybody you understand as well as like — GAP, J. Crew, Sephora, Target, Asos… requirement I go on?


Now cue the anger…


HOW DID I NOT understand about THIS ALREADY?


Do you understand exactly how much shipping I’ve paid for?  How lots of things I’ve bought sans voucher code?  And I’m sorry, money back?  When did this ended up being a thing?  How have I not been invited to the money back celebration before??


Nothing about this is okay.  I feel like Harry in Dumb as well as Dumber:

Harry: [shivering] Lloyd, I… I can’t feel my f… fingers anymore Lloyd, they’re numb.
Lloyd: perhaps you must wear these additional gloves, my hands are starting to get sweaty. 
Harry: Gloves? You’ve.. had… this pair… of additional gloves… THIS whole TIME? 
Lloyd: Uh yea, we’re in the Rockies! 
Harry: I’M going to kill YOU.

Apparently other humans have been enjoying ShopAtHome this whole time without telling me.  Awesome.  Thanks guys.


If, like me, you have not yet seen the light, head on over to as well as inspect out the magic that is buying on the internet with offensively great discount rates as well as money back.  You can likewise inspect out their fabuloso interview with me here.


Lastly, if you requirement assist processing your own anger, this attire is generally the physical manifestation of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  So go get some, eat up, punch a couple walls, feel better, as well as then go save some moolah with ShopAtHome.  


Problem solved.




Dress: Pink Tartan | Jacket: Zara | Scarf: Ann Taylor (similar here and here) | Shoes: Ralph Lauren | Belt (worn backwards): Banana Republic (love this as well as this one) | Necklace: old (similar here) | Sunglasses: Prada | Polish: Essie (Fishnet Stockings)



Happy Wednesday!



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