6 Seasonal Obsessions To buy now

Moda Operandi is also unique because they offer customers the ability to pre-order the latest ready-to-wear fashion, shoes, handbags, accessories, etc., months before they are available anywhere else. For those of us who simply can’t bear the stress that, for example, this objectively perfect midi dress immediately sells out when it becomes available at other retailers, pre-ordering on Moda Operandi is a glorious gift from the fashion gods.
Pre-ordering aside, Moda Operandi’s ultra-curated collection of buy-now styles has also earned it the reputation of being the place to uncover the latest and greatest when it comes to seasonal styles and must-have trends.  think of them as your older, cooler, always-in-the-know BFF. Below, a few seasonal style moments I’m focused on right now that were discovered on Moda Operandi. Take my advice and get inspired now before you get that first sun burn tan.


Vacation Mode

Oh, hello perfect vacation dress, pleased to make your acquaintance. This Zimmerman dress is so cute I feel like it needs to come paired with a flight to Capri (and actually so does this TO-DIE-FOR polka dot option which is on major sale). While I don’t think I’ll be making it to Capri anytime soon, I will absolutely be wearing these beauties stateside with these slides. I have the brown wedge version of these sandals, and was thrilled to discover on Moda Operandi that the brand makes a slide version, too. All vacation dresses deserve good hats and bags, btw. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.

EUGENIA KIMMirabel Straw Hat

ALEXANDRE BIRMANVicky flat leather Sandals

POOLSIDEOut Of office Le Shortie Straw tote (also love THIS and THESE)


Wedding Wardrobe

Wedding guest dresses get a lot of limelight, but if you don’t feel like buying a new dress for everyone’s nuptials, reinvent a frock already hanging in your closet with accessories! Personally, I think you should consider having way more fun with your bags this summer, starting with this gorgeous statement bag by Markarian or this red clutch with turquoise clasp by Kayu that’s on sale (FYI, I own this one and absolutely love IT).  Don’t let the accessory refresh stop there, earrings should get in on the action, too. 

MARKARIANEmmeline Floral-Print Box Bag

KAYUJen clutch With Turquoise Stone

BRINKER & ELIZAUptown 24K Gold-Plated Pearl Earrings


Everyday Essentials

The essentials are lovely, but I hate it when “essentials” and “basics” become the same thing. I require an essential sundress all summer, but I don’t want there to be anything basic about it. You may remember seeing me wear this Staud dress ad nauseam last summer, so you can imagine my excitement when discovering at Moda Operandi that they’ve made it again in an ivory and red linen option (which is on sale!).  *Immediately adds to cart.*  I also live in my white jeans all summer, and this pair is on strong sell-out alert. I wore a nearly identical pair last summer by the brand and I believe they were completely gone about 30 seconds after I posted.  love how that braided waistband detail adds a little something extra!  and while I’m on the topic, I’m a big proponent of one’s “go with everything” earrings having a little interest to them, too. This pair is a nice alternative to the ever-classic hoop.

FRAMELe Palazzo high-rise Wide-Leg Jeans

FALLONGold-Plated Hoop Earrings


The Buzziest trend of summer ’19

You can’t hop on the ‘gram without noticing how headbands are gearing up for the summer of their lives as the “it” trend of the season. this one in particular is breaking cute barriers all the way down, but there are so many fantastic options for this summer. and they’re not all headbands, either. I never thought barrettes would see such a comeback, but elementary school me is elated—ELATED I tell you!

LELET NYLoren 14K Gold Plated Faux-Pearl Barrette

LELET NY14K Gold-Plated Faux-Pearl Barrette

LELE SADOUGHICrystal-Embellished velvet Headband


Out Tonight Edit

Going out at night is so much more fun during seasons that don’t require a coat. but somehow heels hurt equally all year. I love this metallic gold sandal (also included in the ongoing sale!) for summer nights out because (a) hi, they’re gold and therefore dressy, but (b) they’re not killing my feet.  Also, have you ever seen a cuter low heel in all your days? This is a shoe you won’t have to take off the second you walk in the door (or get on the elevator—we’ve all done it). Also, while we’re on the subject of metallic footwear on sale, this enchanting silver sandal is another stellar option for all those summer evenings out, and on your feet.

TIBIScott metallic leather Sandals

ALEXANDRE BIRMANClarita Bow-Embellished metallic leather Sandals


The “It” List

One of the first places I look on Moda Operandi is their “It List” which is a collection of their most-wanted and best-selling pieces, updated weekly. When it comes to items flying off the shelves, look no further than Roxanne Assouline, this summer (and every summer, honestly). My personal favorite is this pair of earrings which is the most fun take on the asymmetrical earring trend I’ve seen yet. truth be told, I also have eyes for this fun pair, too. And, lest you think Cult Gaia’s major moment was limited to last summer, allow me (and Moda Operandi) to direct your attention to this pair of mules. I bought them last summer and will continue to be wearing them for the entirety of this summer too.  So comfortable and so cute.

ROXANNE ASSOULINHip-Hop but Not Mismatched Earrings

CULT GAIAAlia cutout leather Mules

REBECCA DE RAVENELDaisy drop Earrings

Thanks to Moda Operandi and ShopStyle for partnering on this post!

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