Do you understand what day it is?

It’s Leg Liberation Day. Today is day where I begin using skirts every day. I mean, I wear skirts most of the time, but after about mid-April, or as soon as I can see my method remove to a few weeks of sixty-degree temperatures, the pants all disappear (the few pairs that I did wear) and it’s nothing but skirts from now up until late September or even early October (depending on the tights sitch).

This is a new skirt pattern I’m going to try soon — I like the contour waistband, it’s extremely wearable and easily adjustable for those who like their skirts to trip higher or lower — and I’m looking forward to it immensely. I have all kind of fabric concepts for this pattern … as well many even to list!

Now, if you’ll reason me, I have to go dig up all my peds, too, because Leg Liberation Day is also Jack Purcells Day (Observed), where I begin using all my pairs of Jack Purcell sneakers again with the now-bare legs …

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