how to wear the sixties A-line mini skirt?

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Give me an S, give me a K, give me an I, give me a R, give me a T. give me an A line skirt.

That was cheesy wasn’t it? I felt like recently my post were extremely serious. So I tried something… Erm…

Let’s talk A line skirt shall we?

Why is that a subject? There are not thaaat many girls wearing them  are they?

Well not… yet! because recently the A listed skirts (that was better was it? Damn should have started with that one) were the bodycon skirt and the skater skirt. Either in short or midi length version (aka pencil skirt and new look skirt).

But in last winter collections a sixties swing blew on fashion and the A-line mini skirts made a come-back.

Sometimes I am not soooo sure about come-backs (don’t take it for you long skorts. even though, well, I was kind of targeting you).

But this one definitely is a keeper.


– A line mini skirts are less sexy than bodycon mini skirts, therefore they are easier to be classy with

– A-line mini skirts are perfect both to blur larger hips or to give volume to androgynous silhouettes

Before explaining how to wear that item I want to say that this skirt has quite a youthful look if you indeed wear it as a mini (mid-tights) think Twiggy or young Jane Birkin.

Jane Birkin

Therefore, if you feel you past the age, choose them in a longuer version (just above the knee like Lou Doillon in the following picture).

Lou Doillon (daughter of the aforementioned) at Chanel

Make sure the “A” is not too large otherwise you could look “mumsy”. and prefer to wear it with heels.

I- What is an A-line mini skirt again?

A- how much A is the A line? 

It can go from extremely barely noticeable A to obvious A.

Personally I prefer the slight A as it gives a slender and more energetic allure.

Cuillère à absinthe with a barely noticeable A

Slight A from and other stories

Very structured A-line skirts can be extremely graphic and make a statement look but beware, if poorly chosen, they’ll make you look dowdy (pardon madame).

COS, graphic  A line skirt (ok, their lookbooks always looks like models are enroled in some sort of an ascetic sect… but their clothes are nice)

B. Can it have flounce? Pleats? (Please?)

No because if it has flounces then it is a skater skirt.

And indeed it can have one or two box pleats. but no more because otherwise that is a pleated skirt.

Remember that the shape has to remain extremely minimal, just like letter A.

If you have hips, stay away from the pleats. and never choose the skirt too tight, that would set the focus on your hips.

C. Does it have to be high waisted?

No it does not. but if you are going for the mini, it’d better be, otherwise you are not going to have lots of fabric on you.

Plus, generally, it is much more flattering because the A follows the shape of the hips rather than being disconnected from them.

Anyway, that is even not really worth discussing it because low waisted A line skirts do not exist in stores (I got bored from looking for illustrations.)

D. What fabric?

Suede, jeans, wool, leather, thick cotton, anything but jersey (cause the lack of stiffness will not make the A shape work).

II- how to wear it?

A- To tuck or not to tuck in?

– Tuck the top in the skirt


– you have a thin waist and want to show it

– you want to lengthen your legs

– you have a thin top that is tuckable (I invent words if I want)

The tucking in is a extremely stylish option cause it really shows the A shape of the skirt.

It will make you look effortlessly chic.

– Wear the top outside


– you do not have a defined waist

– you have a noticeable belly (I am not talking about the little belly that most women have, of course).

B. What top?

If you are going to tuck in, choose a thin fabric that won’t show underneath.

Islabell on Chictopia

You can go for a loose fabric that will contrast with the structure of the skirt.

Barbara Martelo

If you prefer not not tuck, you can go either for something loose that’ll fall on the hips or for a structured top with an A-line shape to make an overall “baby doll” A line shape effect (do not find any pics for that last one, try it home and send me the look please ^^).


C- What on top of the top

If am not a fan of structured jackets on top of A-line skirts. I think it makes you look kind of square most of the times. even though straight jackets is what Courrèges was pairing with the A-line skirts in the sixties (in a successful way).

You can make it work if your jacket is slightly A line as well or if it is extremely short.

Nowadays, I prefer to utilize longer coats. Either straight or belted.

Death by elocution

Ready for swinging 2015’s? (even though that post did lack some colors in illustrations, don’t be afraid to pull out colorful A-line skirts!)

Cover collage: the Northern light, See creatures


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