The trick to Applying Concealer






There’s a bit of argument among makeup gurus about when to apply concealer. Some state to put it on before you apply foundation, while others state to wait up until after. We state the trick to applying concealer is this: both before as well as after are fair game to guarantee a healthy, gorgeous look. Here’s the step-by-step.

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Tips on exactly how to apply Concealer

Apply little Dots


After washing your face as well as applying moisturizer to it (specifically one that has a high SPF to safeguard your skin from much more spots that need concealer), take your concealer as well as with your finger or a Q-tip, apply small dots under your eye. keep in mind to select a concealer that matches the color of the inside of your wrist, which ought to be somewhat lighter than your general skin color. When choosing a concealer, look for one that works with your particular skin type. For example, if you have chronic dark circles, a concealer that is much more yellow will cancel out the dark purple color. We like Physicans Formula brand concealer for a lower cost point as well as MAC concealer if you are comfortable with a higher cost point.

Tap, Don’t Rub


After dotting concealer under your eyes, relocation on to any type of other issue areas you may have, such as around your nose, chin as well as mouth. You can likewise dot any type of little pimples or discoloration. begin tapping the dots. If you rub them, for example, you might cause streaks that will make the concealer obvious. just tapping where you applied the concealer carefully will assist it to blend in. Make sure your fingers are clean when you do this. They are your best tool, however they won’t work if you stretch or pull your skin.

Apply Foundation


Now that you’ve put on your concealer as well as have carefully tapped it, apply foundation like you would typically do. now here’s the clincher: look as well as see if there are any type of spots that you missed. foundation doesn’t catch everything, as well as you don’t want to cake it on. That’s what concealer is for. So now that you’ve put on lotion, concealer as well as foundation, evaluate your look. Are your dark circles still visible? Do you still have a pimple that shows? Go over those areas when once again with little dots, tapping them out. To total the look, protected with powder, which is the final step of blending all of the varied tones on your face. This technique works every time as well as is the trick to beautiful, healthy, even skin.

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