A mere year ago, I was writing about the rise of athleisure and the fad’s infringement on denim sales. Now, Marketwatch and other outlets are reporting the precise opposite, claiming a change in fashion is anticipated to swipe sales away from brans like Lululemon that focus on fashionable workout wear.

Canaccord Genuity experts recently devalued Lululemon’s supply to offer from neutral, claiming that after a strong eight-year run, people are lastly shifting from putting on yoga pants as sportswear to putting on pants instead.

One can just really hope! I do not say this out of some kind of prudishness about yoga exercise pants. Highlight your pelvic area and also buttocks to your heart’s material in my book. Yet I do like the visual appear of denims 100% over exercise tights, which I happily where while exercising and also eliminate after that.

You could take pleasure in analysis:

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