Hardcore Herringbone

Dress: Ann Taylor c/o | Jacket: Ann Taylor c/o | Necklace: Ann Taylor c/o | Belt: Ann Taylor c/o | Shoes: Ralph Lauren | Polish: Essie (For the Twill of It)


Today I’m thrilled to feature more of Ann Taylor’s fall collection, including this remarkable herringbone jacket and sheath dress.  If you haven’t checked out Ann Taylor lately, you really need to.  There are few places that produce better style, better quality, or more economical work-ready pieces than my girl Ann.  Exhibit A: this menswear herringbone meets motorcycle jacket that allows you to bring out your inner biker babe while still looking appropriate at the office. exhibit B: this stylized sheath dress whose seams create a sculpted, feminine silhouette that allow it to transition seamlessly from office to evening. 


Despite accusations by several of my friends, I’d like to be clear that my collaboration with Ann Taylor has nothing to do with the fact that Kate Hudson, one of my biggest girl crushes, is the current face of the brand.  Ok, so maybe I can quote how to lose a guy in 10 Days front to back.  And, maybe I’ve been vocal about my lifelong desire to have a love fern and a small rat-like dog named Krull the Warrior King that’s dressed only in Burberry.  AND, maybe I’ve attempted to trick unsuspecting men into attending Celine Dion concerts.  WHATEVER.  Ann Taylor is still boss.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau


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