Kapo garments Tribute line release

Kapo garments keeps the goodies coming with the new 2013 tee shirts line “Tribute”, gone along with by an exquisite Lookbook . The styles are tributes to different movies or cultural references. I like the colors of the blank tee shirts – it”s refreshing to see pastels among so many grey as well as black t-shirts, that most lines prefer.
For more photos as well as cost information, hit the like button on their Facebook page as well as grab a tee from the site.
CREME DE LA CREMEThe female equivalent of the word “Kapo”. A

tribute to all the superlative built women of the world
GREETINGS SALUTATIONSA tribute to the twisted 80″s dark comedy “Heather”s”. Skull slater makes an appearance in the front of the tshirt. A bit hull cleaning is in order.
WIN IN THE ENDA tribute to the 80″s comedy “Teen Wolf”… since what matters in the end is being yourself. mad ♥ to Michael J. Fox for one more classic.
WIN IN THE ENDTHE deal with OF MACHU PICCHUGod is in the details. A tribute to one of the Inca empire”s biggest achievements from the *KAPO perspective.
CRY OF THE POLAR BEAROur actions have consequences! 5 polar bears drown daily since of our carbon footprint. will we ever hear the cry of the polar bears?
HAPPINESS BY AUDREY HEPBURNTribute to the fashion icon/classic movie actress Audrey Hepburn as well as her famous quote about happiness.

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